10 intriguing things you need to know about Intellectual Property

We look at some common intellectual property FAQs we get asked all the time on Copyright, Trademarks, Patents and Trade Secrets. 1. What is Intellectual Property? Put simply, Intellectual property (“IP”) is an umbrella term for creations or works in various formats that are produced through human intellect. Intellectual property rights gives the creators rights […]

Copyright FAQs

1. What is copyright? Copyright is a category of intellectual property that is best described as intangible property created by human intellect. Copyright specifically protects original works of authorship like artistic, dramatic, musical, and literary works. Examples are movies, poetry, music, novels, sculptures, paintings, architectural works, computer programs, advertisements, maps, technical drawings, and sound recordings.  […]

‘We don’t have a contract’ and other misconceptions

Everyday, we make multiple business decisions in the ordinary course of our day. We negotiate costs, sign up clients, and deal with our suppliers. In most circumstances things go off without a hitch. Particularly in frothy economic times, minor bumps in the road are easily resolved, and life goes on.  Other times, a decision that […]

Arbitration: What it Is and Why It Matters to Startups

Let’s face it: no startup founder wants a legal dispute hindering the growth of a new company. But the reality is these disputes come up more often, and in more forms, than you might think.  If a conflict does arise between businesses who have a contract for goods or services, the contract will usually specify […]

From profit to cost-centre: thriving (+surviving) the transition to in-house counsel

So you’ve decided to make the leap to in-house counsel, from schmoozing clients to becoming the client.  You’re ready to tackle a career with hopefully more sociable hours and less billable hours.  And now you find yourself in an entirely different planet, where you are merely just another costs- centre to the business. Working in […]