Managing Redundancy

In the business and technology world, takeovers, mergers and insolvencies are all too common.  As a result, entrepreneurs and business owners may be faced with managing staff redundancies.  These processes are never fun for anyone, and always come at a human cost.  For these reasons, it is vital that tech companies plan and implement any […]

A Guide to Employee Misconduct Investigations

Complaints about employees’ conduct or behaviour whilst at work, and in carrying out their duties, is something which many entrepreneurs and business operators will have to face and deal with as part of managing their business.  Deciding what to do about them, and what steps should be taken, can be fraught – and if in […]

Managing Employee Underperformance

Managers in the tech sector, like any other, sometimes need to address underperformance by company employees, or members of their team.  Reasons for employee underperformance can be complex and varied, but left unchecked, poor performance by employees can erode office morale and team dynamics; which is likely to impact adversely on your business’ standing – […]