A Guide to Share Sales and Acquisitions

Companies are independent legal entities owned by one, several or many people. When a company is registered shares are allotted between the various owners, who hold different-sized interests in the company. This article explains how shares may be acquired in a company, and what happens to the shares when a company is sold. The distinction […]

Managing Redundancy

In the business and technology world, takeovers, mergers and insolvencies are all too common.  As a result, entrepreneurs and business owners may be faced with managing staff redundancies.  These processes are never fun for anyone, and always come at a human cost.  For these reasons, it is vital that tech companies plan and implement any […]

A Guide to Employee Misconduct Investigations

Complaints about employees’ conduct or behaviour whilst at work, and in carrying out their duties, is something which many entrepreneurs and business operators will have to face and deal with as part of managing their business.  Deciding what to do about them, and what steps should be taken, can be fraught – and if in […]

Managing Employee Underperformance

Managers in the tech sector, like any other, sometimes need to address underperformance by company employees, or members of their team.  Reasons for employee underperformance can be complex and varied, but left unchecked, poor performance by employees can erode office morale and team dynamics; which is likely to impact adversely on your business’ standing – […]

Ten key elements of Cybersecurity – a guide

Entrepreneurs have to consider a range of matters when starting a new business, from finding suitable premises to recruiting staff. You may find it challenging at times to keep up with everything as you try to get it all settled.  Whatever else you are doing, one thing you should not overlook is cybersecurity.  Cybersecurity and […]

Introduction to corporate governance

Corporate governance includes a set of relationships between a company’s management, its board, shareholders and other stakeholders.  Corporate governance provides the structure through which the objectives of the company are set, and the means of attaining those objectives.   Monitoring performance metrics are determined by the objectives set.   1. Sources of corporate governance requirements […]

A Guide to Contract Management

Private sector businesses are always facing increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve financial and operational performance.  Crucial to achieving this goal is ensuring that your business has effective contract management processes in place to optimise profitability and minimise risk.  Effective contract management ensures commitments and obligations from buyers and suppliers are effectively met and […]

10 intriguing things you need to know about Intellectual Property

We look at some common intellectual property FAQs we get asked all the time on Copyright, Trademarks, Patents and Trade Secrets. 1. What is Intellectual Property? Put simply, Intellectual property (“IP”) is an umbrella term for creations or works in various formats that are produced through human intellect. Intellectual property rights gives the creators rights […]

Copyright FAQs

1. What is copyright? Copyright is a category of intellectual property that is best described as intangible property created by human intellect. Copyright specifically protects original works of authorship like artistic, dramatic, musical, and literary works. Examples are movies, poetry, music, novels, sculptures, paintings, architectural works, computer programs, advertisements, maps, technical drawings, and sound recordings.  […]

‘We don’t have a contract’ and other misconceptions

Everyday, we make multiple business decisions in the ordinary course of our day. We negotiate costs, sign up clients, and deal with our suppliers. In most circumstances things go off without a hitch. Particularly in frothy economic times, minor bumps in the road are easily resolved, and life goes on.  Other times, a decision that […]