Interesting insights for startups from the 2020 Australian Startup Salary Guide

In case you missed it amongst the chaos of late – a really interesting survey of Australian Startup salaries – the Think & Grow – Australian Startup Salary Guide 2019-2020, a research report prepared by Think & Grow and AWS

You can download a copy of the report here

Startup Salary Guide

Insights from the 2020 Startup Salary Guide

While the data looks a little thin in places to give reliable stats (even though they took data on over 1000 remuneration packages from 63 venture capital-backed companies) it is a useful and rare source of benchmarking.

Founder dilution in startups with investment

Most interesting are the CEO dilution metrics which show CEOs own on average:

  • 44% of equity where < $500k raised
  • 47% between $500K and $1M raised
  • 26% between $1M and $3M
  • 23% between $3M and $5M
  • 25% $5M to $10M; and
  • 6% from $10M+ raised.
Founder Dilution metrics

Salaries for startup COOs

Of 21 reported Chief Operating Officer/Head of Ops/Head of Strategy, the mean salary was $148,250 with 42% having ESOP.

Salaries for startup CFOs

While of 19 CFO/VP/Head of Finance mean salary was $166,370, 52% having ESOP.

Access to ESOP plans for startup employees

Broader access to ESOP plans looks low, and patchy with only 40% of Sales, 38% of Engineering hires reportedly having ‘access’.

This It seems like a remarkably low number given the general availability of tax-efficient ESOPs nowadays.

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The report was supported by the likes of BlackbirdTransition Level InvestmentsReinventureArtesian CapitalBlack Sheep CapitalStartup AusCarthona CapitalAirtreeFull Circle Venture Capital and NAB Ventures.

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