Getting your corporate house in order… ‘Iso’ lockdown legal ‘fixes’

A strange thing happens when you’re forced to spend a lot of time inside at home. You start seeing the things that are broken around the house. There is a new urgency to fixing them. For tidying up. For getting rid of excess and simplifying your life.

Funnily enough — it seems as though the same thing is happening to a lot of tech startups and scale-up companies right now.

We are very pleased to be helping a number of businesses at the moment ‘tidy up’ their affairs.

To paraphrase one client – they are ‘taking the time to do the things [they]  always needed to do, but never had time for…’.

If you need some inspiration – here’s a hit-list of legal ‘Iso’ ‘fixes’ you might want to consider doing, or delegating:

  • making ASIC filings – always boring, never sexy, but required after 28 days of making a change to shareholders, directorships etc
  • getting all of your corporate, board documents together in the one place — especially useful for future due diligence/ raises. This might include:
    • Board resolutions
    • Certificates of incorporation
    • Constitution
    • Corporate Structure Diagrams
    • Board Minutes and resolutions
    • Shareholder’s agreements
    • Domain name registrations
    • Trademark records
    • Patent records
    • Tax documents
  • getting all of your company contracts together in the one place — for the same reason
  • issuing share certificates (this is supposed to be done within 2 months of an issue or 1 month for a transfer)
  • ensuring all shareholders have signed up to the shareholder agreements
  • making sure employees with shares or options have paperwork issued, and appropriate filings have been made
  • updating cap tables/ share registers/ option registers, or better yet, migrating to electronic share registers
  • updating standard terms
  • setting up e-signing software/ subscriptions
  • double checking that all employees have signed IP assignment deeds and filing them
  • updating employee policies and procedures, especially ones that impact employee working locations
  • issuing home-office setup checklists
  • checking your insurances
  • culling under-utilised subscriptions

Are you doing something similar?

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Anthony Bekker, MD Biztech Lawyers
Ant Bekker
Founder | MD

Ant launched his corporate legal career spending a decade covering ecommerce, technology, finance and litigation at Mallesons Stephen Jaques, followed by in-house stints at global behemoth BT and for the UK competition and consumer regulator (the OFT). An MBA at INSEAD led to a change in direction spending time at a top global strategy consulting business (Booz & Co), and projects in the Netherlands, Singapore and the US.

Ant then got his feet wet in startups, joining marketing technology business Rokt as inaugural General Counsel and Head of Operations, building both divisions from the ground up. A few funding rounds and 10x growth later, this quickly turned into a global scale-up valued at US$250m+ and 175 staff.

Ant founded Biztech Lawyers in 2018.   Biztech Lawyers is a tech-centric law firm.  We serve tech clients and use an array of legal technology to make legal processes more efficient, allowing clients to grow as painlessly as possible.  Our role is to act as a decision-making partner, rather than a legal-blocker.

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